Test your allergies easily from home!

No more ways to the lab!

  • Immediately available
  • Perform at home
  • Secure shipment to the igevia partner laboratory
  • Comprehensive analysis for 285 allergens
  • Results available online
  • Latest technology "ALEX - Allergy Explorer
Who should have an allergy test?

Check the triggers of your allergy with igevia.

Clear for 285 allergens:

  • 58 Pollen
  • 26 Mites and Cockroaches
  • 25 Animal Hair
  • 13 Microorganisms
  • 96 Plant Foods
  • 58 Animal Foods
  • 9 Other Allergen Sources
Test results in detail

Tests at the allergy centre are often tedious

"Very long waiting times, disorganised and unfriendly receptionist."

"Six-week wait for a simple allergy test."

"They treat customers like potatoes on a treadmill! The doctors and assistants are unfriendly and take no time! Not to be recommended!"

Source: Extract from Google reviews for allergy centres in Austria (as of February 2020).

Dr. Bergmann

"The better you know your allergies, the less you suffer.

Therefore, my advice is: Act, Inform, Don't Wait!"

Prof. Dr. Karl-Christian Bergmann
Chairman - German Pollen Information Service Foundation, Berlin

Order allergy test now!

Testing your allergies with igevia is so easy

Order & Delivery

You can obtain the igevia Allergy Test in our online shop or from one of our partners. Your online order will be delivered to your home free of shipping costs.

Implementation at home

The Allergy Test contains the test kit and detailed instructions for easy collection of a small blood sample from your fingertip - in the comfort of your own home. You send your blood sample to our partner laboratory free of charge with the enclosed return box.

Laboratory analysis

Our partner laboratory analyses your blood sample with the most advanced diagnostic method "ALEX 2 - Allergy Explorer" for the presence of allergy-relevant IgE antibodies.


The laboratory results are available within a few days on your igevia portal. The Results-Report includes an overview of your sensitisation and initial recommendations for action.

Specialist consultation

The Results-Report is a scientifically sound basis for a further discussion with your doctor. You are welcome to make use of our partner network of medical specialists.1

1 Please note that further medical consultations are not included in the purchase price for the igevia Allergy Test.

Order your Allergy Test

igevia Allergy Test

Order your igevia Allergy Test

igevia-Allergietest - Test-Kit komplett

The Allergy Test gives you clarity about your allergies with Europe's most advanced IgE-based test procedure.

  • 1 Test-Kit for blood collection and shipping
  • 1 Results-Report with your personal laboratory results
  • 1 Symptom-Check to monitor your allergic reactions

Comfortably from home

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