May we present Nicole?

Nicole Dopler – the social media all-rounder has an eye on all channels and is a talented organizer who pulls the strings together.

What’s on your business card?

Project Assistance & Social Media Managment

What do you do at igevia?

I am the interface between graphics, technology and management – which means I coordinate the various activities of the team – this starts with planning and continues through the implementation process to aftercare. In addition, together with my colleague Shirin, I supervise the social media channels and take care of reportings and analyses.

What does your typical working day look like?

There is no such thing as ordinary 😉 Since I’m still studying and writing my master thesis, I’m always on my way between work, FH and library. I spend most of my time in the office in meetings, talking on the phone and posting. Our team sits at different locations, so we hear from each other several times a day and exchange information on the individual projects.

What is the most exciting part about your job?

Since I’ve been with igevia since its beginning, I’ve been able to gain an insight into the company from an early stage and have been able to work actively on it ever since – gaining experience that I would never have gained during my studies. The most exciting thing for me is certainly the opportunity to work beyond my own area of responsibility.

What is the biggest challenge?

To keep track of all projects and the eternally long to-do lists.  Prioritizing projects correctly and remaining flexible in order to react quickly to new developments can be quite challenging.

Why do you work for igevia?

Because it is precisely these challenges that make the work so varied and exciting. There’s always something going on – you never get bored.

Posted by Nicole Dopler on 5/27/2019

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