May we present Shirin?

Shirin Yanni gets to the oint of igevia. As the head of the editorial team she takes care of the content strategy and researches and writes until all questions are answered.

What’s on your business card?

Content Marketing Manager

What do you do at igevia?

I write all content around igeviathat means I write articles on various allergy topics for the blog, our social media channels, campaigns and everything else that is coming up on a daily basis.

What does your typical working day look like?

Above all, my work contains lots of research and writing. First and foremost, it is about allergies, but also any other health issues. Before I actually start writing, I discuss the next topics with the team in our editorial meetings and we develop communication strategies.  That’s basically the core of my work. In addition, of course, there are regular internal coordination meetings and meetingsfor example, the status quo is discussed, analyzed and discussed where there is potential for optimization. And then, of course, it needs to be implemented 😉 I am also in close contact with our Medical Advisor Nora Zulehner, PhD and our Medical Advisory Board Dr. Bergmann. Especially with health-related topics, medical correctness has top priority – that’s why they check everything before it is published.

What is the most exciting part about your job?

I have been with igevia since the beginning, which is why I can watch the projects grow. It’s cool to see all the processes from the cradle on and learn from them. My job is also fun – choosing the topics, doing good research and creating content. Especially when it comes to blog articles, it’s important that there’s room for practical information and tips so that our users really get something out of them. At the same time, there are requirements for content from a digital perspective – I find it particularly exciting to analyse and optimise them.

What is the biggest challenge?

To present complex or scientific contents in an understandable and interesting way. If the text is dry and packed only with medical information, the user loses the added value and reading interest. Of course, I want our users to enjoy reading the texts and to benefit from them. Making the content informative and at the same time understandablethat’s a challenge here and there.

Posted by Nicole Dopler on 7/16/2019

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