The technology behind igevia

Your igevia-Allergen-Report is the result of the latest research and development. The blood analysis is carried out using the unique allergen chip system called “ALEX — Allergy Explorer”, and generates comprehensive and accurate results.

“ALEX — Allergy Explorer”

ALEX is a diagnostically regognized test that uses multiparameter technology to precisely detect an enormous range of allergic sensitizations (= allergy readiness). The blood sample is tested for the presence of allergen-specific IgE antibodies. In contrast to conventional single parameter tests, it is easy to examine an extremely broad spectrum of allergens. The Allergy Explorer clarifies 273 allergens at the same time — which means that it covers almost 100 % of the possible allergy triggers.

The modern chip system enables the identification of allergy triggers and their individual components (protein molecules).This does not only give you the most accurate results and shows what allergies you have, but also determines in what form this allergy exists.

A current study of the World Allergy Organization Journal evaluates the functionality of the Allergy Explorer. For this, the sera of several allergy patients were tested both with ALEX and another IgE test. The result shows that there is a good correlation between the two tests, but ALEX covers a wider range of IgE profiles. This property has a direct effect on the treatment of patients in the context of “personalized medicine”.

The detailed results of the study can be found here.


ALEX was developed by MacroArrayDiagnostics (MADx). The young Austrian biotech company, founded by molecular biologist Christian Harwanegg, is specialized in innovative allergen diagnostics.

Posted by Nicole Dopler on 6/11/2018

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