World-Asthma-Day: Many allergy sufferers with shortness of breath

Approximately 340 million people worldwide suffer from asthma.* About half of those affected (40-60 percent depending on age) suffer from allergies, warns Prof. Dr. Bergmann, Chairman of the German Pollen Information Service Foundation.


The consequences are symptoms like a tightness in the chest area, seizure-like cough or whistling breath noises. In the worst case, the allergic reaction can lead to acute shortness of breath. The symptoms usually occur about 5-15 minutes after the allergens have been inhaled. The mucous membranes of the bronchi swell and the airways cramp.

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Trigger and History

The most frequent causes of allergic asthma include pollen (especially hazel, alder, birch, grass, rye, mugwort), animal hair, house dust mites and mould spores (especially alternaria).

Asthma is not completely curable, but can be controlled very well. With allergic asthma it is essential that the triggers are determined as quickly as possible in order to act accordingly. Only an optimal therapy can significantly improve the quality of life of those affected. However, if the symptoms remain untreated, there is a risk of deterioration or permanent damage.

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Posted by Nicole Dopler on 5/7/2019

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