Your advantages with the igevia-Allergy Test

Easy to do at home or with your doctor

No appointment
No waiting & travel time

Free postal delivery
Money back guarantee

Europe's most advanced multiplex allergy test based on IgE

Rapid test results with concrete recommendations for action

Partner network for a further advice

Order your igevia Allergy Test

The Allergy Test gives you clarity about your allergies with Europe's most advanced IgE-based test procedure.

  • 1 Test-Kit for blood collection and shipping
  • 1 Results-Report with your personal laboratory results
  • 1 Symptom-Check to monitor your allergic reactions

Comfortably from home

Free delivery in 3-5 working days

Data Security

14 days right of return & money-back guarantee

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igevia ist Partner der Österreichischen Lungenunion ↗


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