Allergen Avoidance

Allergen avoidance is the conscious avoidance of allergens in everyday life. Our medical team summarizes for you for which allergens this simple and effective form of treatment is suitable.

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As soon as it is known which substances trigger the allergic reaction, it is recommended to avoid them as much as possible. Allergen avoidance, as it is known in technical jargon, is more or less easy to implement in everyday life, depending on the source of the allergen.

Food allergens, for example, can largely be avoided through a mindful diet and a change in the menu. Pollen allergy sufferers should have possible cross-reactions with foods tested in this context.

With other triggers, such as pollen or house dust, it becomes more difficult. But here, too, there are various ways to reduce exposure to a minimum.

Our further advice articles offer a summary of helpful tips for food, house dust mite, pollen, mold and animal hair allergies, as well as for strengthening the immune system and what sufferers should bear in mind when gardening.

Useful recommendations for your everyday life

Note: Please always consult with your physician regarding an exact diagnosis and choice of therapy.


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