Testresults of the igevia-Allergy Test

Following the laboratory analysis of your blood, you will receive your personal Results-Report from igevia.

The results are based on the latest diagnostic methods and show you in detail which allergens have been shown to cause sensitisation.

The Results-Report shows

  • General allergy tendency
  • Detailed results for 285 allergens
  • Cross allergies
  • Recommendations for action (immunotherapy, allergenicity, etc.)
Das zeigt Ihnen der Ergebnis-Report
Mann vor Tablet

We test 285 allergens for you

58 Pollen
  • 27 Tree Pollen
  • 12 Grass Pollen
  • 19 Weed Pollen
26 Mites & Cockroaches
  • 19 Storage- & House Dust Mites
  • 7 Cockroach
25 Animals
  • 18 Pets
  • 7 Farm Animals
13 Microorganisms & Spores
  • 13 Fungal spores & yeast
96 Plant Food Products
  • 11 Vegetables
  • 15 Cereals
  • 7 Spices
  • 15 Legumes
  • 29 Nuts & Seeds
  • 19 Fruits
58 Animal-Derived-Food
  • 7 Egg
  • 31 Fish & Seafood
  • 12 Meat
  • 8 Milk
9 Other Allergen Sources
  • 6 Latex
  • 4 Others
Detailed list of tested allergens

Allergie vs. Unverträglichkeit: Was ist der Unterschied?

Um den Ursachen für Symptome auf den Grund zu gehen, ist es wichtig zwischen Allergien und Unverträglichkeiten zu unterscheiden.

Allergien sind eine Reaktion des Immunsystems, Unverträglichkeiten eine Reaktion der Verdauung.

Mehr Details zu den Unterschieden erfahren Sie von unserer Ernährungsberaterin Kathrin Kittl im „Push you Limit-Podcast“.

Your Results-Report with valuable additional information

The Results-Report clearly breaks down your laboratory results and also provides valuable additional information and recommendations for action:

  • Cross Allergies: Reactions between individual allergens of the same allergen family
  • Allergenicity: Allergens that are avoidable
  • Heat up: Allergens that cannot withstand heat and are rendered harmless by cooking
  • Immunotherapy: allergens for which there is the possibility of immunotherapy/hyposensitisation

With the Results-Report you will receive concrete information that will make your everyday life with your allergy easier and provide a solid basis for further consultation with your doctor.

Download Sample-Report
„Das Reporting ist sehr einfach und klar zu lesen.

Und ich weiß wie ich meine Symptome am besten in den Griff bekomme.“

Ines K.


igevia Allergy Test

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