The Testmethod of the igevia-Allergy Test

Beim igevia-Allergietest handelt es sich um einen Bluttest. Dabei untersuchen wir Ihr Blutserum auf das Vorhandensein von allergenspezifischen Immunglobulin-E-Antikörpern (IgE-Antikörpern).

Diese spielen bei der Entstehung von Typ-I-Allergien eine entscheidende Rolle und werden daher für eine verlässliche und wissenschaftlich fundierte Testung herangezogen.

Test-Kit for home-use

The Allergy Test contains the Test-Kit with all the necessary utensils and detailed instructions for taking a small blood sample from the fingertip - without medical assistance, in the comfort of your own home in your familiar surroundings.

Small blood sample

Using a lancet, briefly puncture your middle or ring finger and collect approx. 10 drops of blood in a special serum tube in the Test-Kit - that's it. Then send your sample to our partner laboratory free of charge in a transport tube which is also included in the kit.

High-Tech-Diagnostik mit dem „ALEX 2 – Allergy Explorer“

High-tech diagnostics with the "ALEX 2 - Allergy Explorer"

The analysis is carried out in our partner laboratory using the diagnostic procedure "ALEX 2 - Allergy Explorer" 1 from the Austrian company MacroArray Diagnostics ↗ . Using multi-parameter technology, a unique range of allergic sensitisations is evaluated - both the specific IgE for 285 allergens and the total IgE showing your general allergy tendency.

In contrast to single parameter tests, this method requires only a small blood sample (0.5 ml / approx. 10 drops) to test the entire allergen spectrum. This is why we can offer you to carry out the igevia Allergy Test from home - without making an appointment and without having to travel long distances to a laboratory.

Both allergen extracts and individual components (molecular components) are used as allergen sources in the evaluation with the "ALEX 2 - Allergy Explorer" 1. Molecular components enable a differentiated diagnosis to determine cross-allergies and to select possible immune therapies individually for the patient.

List of tested allergens
Alex Chip

What is the difference between skin tests and blood tests?

Skin tests (e.g. the prick test) involve applying small drops of an allergen solution to the forearm (or back in children). A small lancet is then pricked into the skin. If the patient is allergic to the allergen solution, an itchy wheal develops on the affected skin area.

In contrast, a blood sample is taken during a blood test (such as the igevia Allergy Test) and analysed in the laboratory in a highly specific manner.

Comparison Skin Test Blood Test with igevia
Scope per test Extracts (12) Extracts (112) + Components (173)
Detection of cross-reactions No Yes
Age group from 4 years from 2 years

Additional benefits of the blood test

  • Patients experience them as less stressful because the body is not irritated by allergens.
  • Allergy medications (e.g. antihistamines) do not have to be discontinued.

Blood tests are preferably used in the following cases 1:

  • Skin changes in the test area
  • Reduced resilience (e.g. cardiovascular diseases)
  • For children and infants, as only a small blood sample is required
  • If an anaphylactic reaction is suspected, as there is no direct contact with the allergenic substance

1 According to the guidelines of the AWMF - Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften

Order your igevia-Allergy Test

Testing your allergies with igevia is so easy

Order & Delivery

You can obtain the igevia Allergy Test in our online shop or from one of our partners. Your online order will be delivered to your home free of shipping costs.

Implementation at home

The Allergy Test contains the test kit and detailed instructions for easy collection of a small blood sample from your fingertip - in the comfort of your own home. You send your blood sample to our partner laboratory free of charge with the enclosed return box.

Laboratory analysis

Our partner laboratory analyses your blood sample with the most advanced diagnostic method "ALEX 2 - Allergy Explorer" for the presence of allergy-relevant IgE antibodies.


The laboratory results are available on your igevia-Portal within a few days after your sample arrived at the laboratory. The Results-Report includes an overview of your sensitisation and initial recommendations for action.

Specialist consultation

The Results-Report is a scientifically sound basis for a further discussion with your doctor. You are welcome to make use of our partner network of medical specialists.1

1 Please note that further medical consultations are not included in the purchase price for the igevia Allergy Test.

Order your igevia-Allergy Test

igevia Allergy Test

Order your igevia Allergy Test

igevia-Allergietest - Test-Kit komplett

The Allergy Test gives you clarity about your allergies with Europe's most advanced IgE-based test procedure.

  • 1 Test-Kit for blood collection and shipping
  • 1 Results-Report with your personal laboratory results
  • 1 Symptom-Check to monitor your allergic reactions

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Study data for the test procedure "ALEX 2 - Allergy Explorer"

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