The Österreichische Gesellschaft vom Goldenen Kreuze ↗ has been dedicated to health since its foundation in 1893. Known for a long time primarily as the sponsor of the Golden Cross Private Clinic in Vienna, today the Society, as a non-profit association, focuses on health promotion and prophylaxis.

In the sense of a holistic approach, the ÖGGK offers activities for body, mind and soul, for example in the area of exercise and nutrition, lectures on health topics or events in the art and culture sector. The association also initiates innovative projects such as "Arzt & Apotheke - die Telemedizin der ÖGGK".

For a low annual membership fee of EUR 40 (one-time registration fee EUR 25), members of the ÖGGK enjoy numerous benefits and discounts with cooperation partners. (Details on membership ↗ )

10 % discount on all igevia-Tests for ÖGGK members.

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