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Your genetic predisposition has a significant influence on your metabolism - in other words, on how you use carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Your DNA therefore plays an essential role in weight loss.

In order to achieve and maintain your desired weight in the long term, you should adjust your diet and sporting activities to your personal metabolic type.

The igevia-Metabolism Test offers you answers that you can easily implement in your everyday life:

Results based on DNA

  • Your personal metabolic type
  • Your tendency to be overweight, feel hungry and yo-yo effect

Individual recommendations

  • Nutrition plan for 14 days with recipes
  • Food recommendations
  • Explanation of the results of the analysis
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Study based testing of 23 SNPs from 19 genes


Individual Results-Report for your metabolic type

6 Metabolic Types

Benefit from our comprehensive test method and the service around it


Determining your metabolic type is so easy with igevia

1. Order & Delivery

You can obtain the igevia Metabolism Test in our online shop or from one of our partners. Your online order will be delivered to your home free of shipping costs.

2. Implementation at home

The Metabolic Test contains the test kit and detailed instructions for a simple oral swab – in the comfort of your own home. You send your sample free of charge to our partner laboratory with the enclosed return box.

3. Laboratory analysis

Our partner laboratory uses the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to analyse which of the six defined metabolic types you belong to. This procedure is the most important method for clarifying genetic questions.

4. Result report

The laboratory results are available in your igevia portal approx. two weeks after sending in the sample. The Results-Report provides information about your utilisation of carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids, as well as your tendency to be overweight, Yo-Yo effect and hunger. On this basis, you will receive individual nutrition and sports recommendations.

5. Consultation

Use the results report for a more detailed discussion with your nutritionist or doctor.1

1 Please note that further medical consultations are not included in the purchase price for the igevia Metabolic Test.

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Guidebook to metabolism and metabolic testing

Together with our medical advisory board and other experts, our team has compiled important, exciting and entertaining articles on metabolism and metabolic testing in our guidebook.

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