A Princess again – Finally.

Forced to stay indoors over Spring? That doesn’t have to be the way. Thanks to igevia, children like Alexander can easily identify their allergy triggers and create a comprehensive allergy profile.

So that doctors can find the right treatment easily and quickly. What that means: ower meadows free for Alexander to finally be a princess again.

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igevia uses a small blood sample to determine your test result for 273 allergens. The blood sample can be taken at home or by a doctor.

The analysis is done with the innovative technology “ALEX — Allergy Explorer”. As a result you will receive your personal igevia-Allergen-Report.


Are you curious how your igevia-Allergen-Report could look like?

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This is how igevia works

From ordering to the specialist consultation.

1 Laboratory analysis using the “ALEX — Allergy Explorer” is based on the association of allergies and the presence of IgE (immunoglobulin E) in the blood serum. This connection is scientifically proven in specialised publications . The result therefore clearly differs from commercially available IgG tests (immunoglobulin G). These try to represent a relation to food intolerances or intolerances, which is in fact unsupported and rejected by medical organizations (Source: Guideline of the German Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology “No recommendation for IgG and IgG4 determinations against food” ).

2 Please note that further medical consultations are not included in the igevia-Package and will be charged separately by the general practitioner.

Your advantages

Five good reasons for igevia

Icon DNA In Austria developed IgE high-tech allergen diagnostics
Appointment Icon No appointments
No wait time
 At Home Icon Convenient and easy blood drawing at home
Test results icon Test results in the igevia-Allergen-Report available online
Doctor Icon Recommendations for a competent consultation with doctors in private practice

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