Congratulations! With the igevia-Box in your hands, there are only a few more steps left to your igevia-Allergen-Report . Please activate your igevia-Box by entering the sample ID from the welcome letter and your email address. This will allow us to securely link your blood sample with you and make the results available in the igevia-Allergen-Report .

You will find the sample ID on the welcome letter in your igevia-Box.

We will send the activation link and your results to this email address.

By activating my igevia-Box, I agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and agree that my personal information and my allergen status will be stored until further notice. We process your personal data and your igevia-Allergen-Report very carefully and in accordance with the strictest European data protection regulations.

If you have already activated your igevia-Box, please login with the email address you entered when activating it.

For Doctor’s

Please use the igevia-Doctor-Portal to activate the igevia-Boxes of your patients.

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