All questions & answers about the igevia-Box: contents of the box, information on blood drawing, blood drawing for children, medical advice.

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What is an igevia-Box?

The igevia-Box contains all items needed to safely and easily take capillary blood. In addition, the igevia-Box includes understandable instructions for use and an envelope for the return of your blood sample to the laboratory.

What should I watch out for when drawing the blood?

Please carefully follow all steps presented in the instructions for drawing the blood. Carry out the steps one after the other. This way, the blood drawing will work quickly and well.

Do I have to have an empty stomach when drawing the blood?

It is not necessary to have an empty stomach for taking the blood sample. You may like to have something to eat and drink before.

Can I also order the igevia-Package for children under the age of 12?

Yes, allergy testing with igevia is possible from the age of 2 years. The same procedure is used as for adults. The advantage of igevia is that only a small blood sample is needed and no painful skin test is required.

Can the blood drawing for children be done at home as well?

Yes, drawing the blood can also be done from home for children. However, we recommend that you consult a doctor for blood drawing of children under the age of 12. The blood sample is then taken quickly and easily through the vein. You can then send the collected blood with the return envelope from the igevia-Box to our laboratory. Important: The collected blood must be decanted into our sample tube. This is the only way we can ensure that the further processing of your sample functions smoothly.

Do I save myself the visit to a specialist through the igevia-Package?

No, the igevia-Package does not include medical advice and only allows blood drawing and subsequent diagnostics in the laboratory. The igevia-Allergen-Report provides information on sensitisation and is therefore a building block in the diagnosis of an allergy. In any case, a specialist should be consulted for further discussion of the results and possible further steps.

Is taking the blood very painful?

This question is difficult to answer as pain is always felt very differently. The feedback from our igevia-Customers has shown that the small sting with the safety lancet (penetration depth is 1.6 mm) is uncomfortable for a short while, but the further process of drawing the blood is not perceived as painful. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, using an analgesic cream (such as Emla Creme) may help. Please ask for this in your pharmacy.

Can I also send in a blood sample taken by a doctor (venous blood sample)?

Yes, you can also send in a blood sample that a doctor has taken from you. It is important that the collected blood is transferred to the sample tube from the igevia-Box. The blood sample can then be packaged and shipped according to the instructions.

Does igevia also offer medical advice on allergy or immunotherapy?

No, igevia does not offer any medical advice. We are convinced that the medical consultation should only be carried out by competent specialists. However, we are happy to provide igevia-Customers with recommendations for competent doctors.

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