All questions & answers concerning the procedure at igevia: tested allergens, results in the igevia-Allergen-Report, costs, activation and login.

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Current information about Covid-19

The current situation with Covid-19 has no effect on igevia. You can read more details in our Covid-19 FAQs.

What is igevia?

igevia is a quality product from Austria, which offers customers a comprehensive and reliable testing of a blood sample for 273 allergens. igevia uses the innovative allergen diagnostics “ALEX — Allergy Explorer” from the Austrian company Macro Array Diagnostics GmbH.

Which allergens does igevia test?

igevia enables the analysis of 273 allergens with the innovative system "ALEX - Allergy Explorer". There are 152 extracts and 121 components divided into the following groups:

  • Pollen
  • Animal Epithelia
  • Mites
  • Plant Foods
  • Animal Foods
  • Latex
  • Microorganisms

Are you curious how your igevia-Allergen-Report could look like?
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What is the difference between an extract and a component?

Both extracts and components are used as allergen sources in the igevia allergy testing. The list of allergens tested can be found in our sample report.


An "allergenic extract" is a substance produced from natural material (e.g. from the pollen of ragweed). This is composed of allergenic and also non-allergenic components. It is prepared as a whole for testing.


A component is an allergenic molecule (mostly proteins) and thus part of an extract. They can trigger a sensitization (formation of allergen-specific antibodies). The use of components enables a more precise, differentiated allergy diagnosis and helps to detect cross-reactions between allergens.

Where are the blood samples analysed?

Blood samples from Austria and Germany are analysed in our partner laboratory in Vienna. Blood samples from the United Kingdom and Ireland are analysed in our partner laboratory in Worcestershire.

How long will it take to get my results?

Once your blood sample has arrived at the partner lab, it will be promptly reviewed and analysed. Subsequently, the results are clearly displayed in the igevia-Allergen-Report and transferred back to igevia via an encrypted connection. Therefore, it takes about 3-4 working days from the arrival of your blood sample in the lab until the result is available for download online at

Do I have to stop taking my medication (for example, antihistamines) for drawing the blood?

No, the results in the blood test are not affected by antihistamines. However, cortisone, which is not taken by inhalation but in tablet form, may have an influence on antibody production and thus influence the test result. Please talk to your doctor about this.

Kann ich mit igevia auch während der Schwangerschaft meine Allergien testen?

Ja, dies ist möglich. Bluttests zur Diagnose einer Allergie eignen sich für Schwangere sogar besser als Hauttests, da bei Blutuntersuchen kein direkter Kontakt zur allergieauslösenden Substanz notwendig ist. Sprechen Sie dazu bitte mit Ihrem behandelnden Arzt.

How do I get my test results?

You will receive an e-mail with a secured web link. Use this link to log in to and view and download your results. For privacy reasons, we never send results directly by e-mail or by post.

How long can my blood sample be kept and used for analysis?

The durability of a blood sample depends on many factors (temperature, humidity, quality of the blood, etc.). Therefore, we can not specify a fixed duration. However, stability experiments have shown that immunoglobulin E (IgE) can still be correctly and correctly detected in the blood after 17 days. In order not to take full advantage of this time window, please remember to send your blood sample to our partner laboratory immediately after taking the blood sample.

Does it make sense to order an igevia-Package, even though I already know that I have an allergy?

If you know exactly which allergy you have or know which substances you are allergic to and have already discussed this with your doctor, it makes no sense in our view to order a igevia-Package. However, if you have symptoms of allergy, but do not know exactly what triggers, we recommend a igevia-Package to accurately analyse your blood for 273 allergens. For an initial assessment, you can also use our free Allergy-Risk-Check.

Will the costs for the igevia-Package be covered by my health insurance?

No, the costs for the igevia package are currently not covered by the statutory health insurance. But there are numerous private health insurance / supplementary insurance, that take over the costs after a medical order. Please talk directly to your insurance company.

Are there any additional costs occurring when ordering or returning igevia?

No, there are no addictional costs for you. The price of the igevia-Package includes the delivery to you and the postage for returning the blood sample to our partner laboratory.

Are there any additional costs occuring when creating the igevia-Allergy-Report?

No, the creation of your igevia-Allergen-Report is of course already covered by the price for the igevia-Package.

I did not receive an activation or login link via email.

Please check the spam folder of your email program first. If the email is not there either, please contact us directly at and enter your email address and the sample ID from your igevia-Box. We can then check the activation and inform you about the next steps.

What happens to my blood sample once the allergen test has been performed?

Your blood will be disposed safely and professionally. The laboratory stores samples only as long as is necessary for analysis.

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