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Wir haben igevia im Jahr 2018 mit dem Anspruch gegründet, Labordiagnostik für Allergiker:innen leichter zugänglich, verständlicher und handlungsorientierter zu machen.

About us

With the claim "Answers for your health", we offer a new approach to profound Allergy Tests, Intestinal Flora Tests & Metabolism Tests.

The special feature: All tests can be carried out safely and easily at home with professional test kits and clearly formulated instructions for use - without long waiting times in the laboratory, instead in familiar surroundings.

Our Result-Reports provide you with answers to health questions and support you in improving your individual well-being. The network of competent partners for further counselling as well as regular articles in the igevia-guidebook complement the offer.

Our goal: We want to make personal health management accessible to everyone and as easy as possible.

On the market since 2018

The foundation for igevia was laid in 2018 with the launch of the Allergy Test. This new way of testing suddenly made it easier for many sufferers to determine their own health status much more easily and, based on this, to take concrete steps towards relief.

Dominik Flener / Managing Director

Dominik Flener has more than 15 years of experience with his consulting company HealthCareConsulting Group ↗ , which develops and implements concepts for communication between pharmaceutical companies and doctors, pharmacists, patients. Together with his team, he conducted more than 1,000,000 discussions with physicians and pharmacists. Today, we use the resulting know-how to provide igevia customers with competent and good support. "It's great to see how positively our customers respond to igevia. Particularly in the area of physicians in private practice, we see that the igevia offering fills a gap in patient care," Dominik Flener sums up.

Our team

In the team we add medical expertise, professional communication strategies and customer care with heart.

Competitions & Prizes

Year Competition
2019 Finalist at the 4GameChangers Festival, Vienna
2019 Finalist at the Edison Prize, Linz - www.edison-der-preis.at ↗
2019 Top 100 at Gewinn Young Entrepreneurs Competition, Vienna
2019 Top 15 Hottest International Start-Ups, WKO Upper Austria
2019 Top 100 Start-Up at Slush Festival, Helsinki (Finland) - www.slush.org ↗
2020 Top 5 at HealthChallenge Vienna, Vienna - www.healthchallenge.wien ↗
2020 Top 100 at Gewinn Young Entrepreneur Competition, Vienna

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