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All questions & answers about our company: founders, meaning of the company name, used technology.

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What is behind igevia?

Behind igevia is the Austrian company igevia GmbH with offices in Linz and Vienna, founded by Gerhard Feilmayr and Dominik Flener in 2018. igevia has developed the platform www.igevia.com for customers in Europe and offers the well-founded testing of a blood sample. The allergy test itself is carried out in a partner laboratory with the "ALEX—Allergy Explorer" from Macro Array Diagnostics.

What does igevia mean?

igevia stands for easy access to IgE allergy diagnostics. “IgE” stands for the used testmethod and “via” for the easy way.

What technology does igevia use?

For analyzing the blood samples, igevia uses the innovative and award-winning technology “ALEX — Allergy Explorer” from the Vienna based company Macro Array Diagnostics GmbH.

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